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Leon Hayes (03/17/15)
Greetings Brother Clyde Thanks for your encouraging prophetic words. This is your year of Jubilee! Expect it!

Nathan Cofie (08/31/14)
Thanks for your visit to new Life Church in Tallahassee Fl. What is the title of the book written by E.Kenyon you advised us to read? I know he wrote many books. Thanks Pastor Clyde Oliver

Beverly Womble (12/21/13)
Thank you for being a strong, positive, and humorous Man of God with such a spirit of Excellence! Your message from years ago, "Confession, God's way of Possession" impacted my spiritual life tremendously! I have you and Ms Marion in my prayers. I am LOL at the "Perfect Pastor"! thank you for a refreshing and good laugh from an anointer Leader!!!

Tonnia Smalls (10/27/13)
We really enjoyed ourselves at church today. Thanks for the hospitality! Blessings:)

edward a. ruston (01/01/13)
from what i have seen on your internet site, it truely seems to be the same teachings that i understand as bible truths and for what i have been looking for as a place of worship for myself and my beloved wife.

pastor Paul Odari (10/27/12)
praise the Lord! Just want to let you know we are blessed to have come across your website! we would love to be part of this movement...... more about us go www.divinelifekenya.org

Stephen Alubbe (10/24/12)
May the generals of God continually be raised to cause a great impact upon the earth.

Gwendolyn Oliver-Kirby (05/23/12)
Hello Clyde, I just placed orders for 5 of your books. One for each of my boys and the other for Mark and I. Thank you so much for loving us enough to keep doing the will of God. Believe me, your messages helps tremendously. I love you. Have a wonderful week.

Rev. Ben Slye (05/02/12)
praise the Lord, all I want to tell you is ,when I grow up ,I want to be just like you! I love your Web page, it' pops every time you go to another page. I will be praying for your conference, it looks exciting, have a blessed day!

keijo (02/29/12)
Thank you to the Lord for that the day in grace around the world and up set our wil to woship the Lord in our the church best and glory to God and joy for out pouring of the Holy Spirit with joy among us today in many place of the earth,thanks and bless,keijo sw eden