The following excerpt is taken from a prophecy that was given through Kenneth E. Hagin on February 18, 2003 at Winter Bible Seminar:


"Many are concerned about the future and they wonder what will happen? Will darkness overtake, or will the light shine bright? Yea," saith the Lord of Hosts, "remember that you're in My hands. And remember that I know the future better than you know the past. And all is well! I will alert you concerning that which will affect you. I will show you the way to go and you'll walk in it and be blessed above all the people of the world, upon the earth you shall be blessed. For thou art My people and My people shall rule and reign. And the blessings of God will fall upon them. The latter rain shall be poured out. Yea, upon nations that are now barren and void. But the rain will be poured out. The seed will be planted. The harvest will come. The glory of God will shine upon the earth." [tongues] ha, ha. "And they of the world will walk on in the way in which they've walked! And the darkness shall overtake them. But ye shall walk in the light! The entrance of His Words giveth light! Walk according to the Word. Walk IN the Word. Walk IN the Spirit. And the power shall rest upon you. And the glory of God shall be seen upon your face! Many shall turn to the Lord. Great days, great times, great blessings are ahead. So rejoice and be glad."