It’s Time for a Reset 2.0

Welcome to Campmeeting 2021! We thank God for the privilege to address many of the things going on in the world today and hopefully help others make sense of the nonsense allowed to go on in the world today! After Campmeeting 2020 we realized that our assignment of helping to bring about a “Reset” in our nation had fallen far short and that we needed to pick up the baton and continue to advance it forward!

In the last 15 months America and the world is seemingly in a free-fall with hardly anyone expressing a desire to grab hold of the steering wheel and correct it. It seems that no one wants to take charge and rectify the free falling because of the magnitude of issues that need addressing! Institutions such as the Church; national and local governments; news organizations have dismissed long held standards of being arbiters of truth and facts; businesses have abandoned principles that were the hallmark of their organizations for years and even centuries; those who occupy seats of leadership seemingly have forgotten why they are in the positions they’re in except to receive remuneration! Many questions are being asked and there is a lack of genuine solutions!

In this meeting, we are believing God for insights, concepts and ideas that will assist in moving our nation and the Church closer to God’s plans and destiny! I invite you to join Marion and I and our guests June 14-18, 2021 as we undertake this theme – “IT’S TIME FOR A RESET 2021” and move people from limbo to being productive and fruitful saints, citizens, and business leaders!


Freedom Christian Center
7250 Lake Andrew Dr
Viera, FL 32940



Service Times

MONDAY 6/14/2021

7:00 PM          CLYDE OLIVER

TUESDAY 6/15/2021

9:30 AM          NICHOLAS WRIGHT

10:30 AM        COLETTE OLIVER

11:30AM          CLYDE OLIVER

7:00 PM          TIM FRANKLIN

WEDNESDAY 6/16/2021

9:30AM           NICHOLAS WRIGHT

10:30 AM        TENISHA PICINICH       

11:30AM          TRAVIS BURKE

7:00 PM          LISA WOMBLE       

THURSDAY 6/17/2021

9:30 AM          LISA WOMBLE       

10:30 AM        TRAVIS BURKE        

11:30AM          TIONNA PICINICH

7:00 PM          KEN MALONE

FRIDAY 6/18/2021

9:30 AM          KEN MALONE

10:30 AM         LANIA MAMONOV

11:30 AM         KEN DELGADO

7:00 PM          MERTON CLARK

Hotel Information

8298 N Wickham Rd
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 255-0077
130 Sheriff Dr
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 255-6868
2400 Town Center Ave
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 425-2800